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Our Development and Career Prospects and Further Education

Our Development

The department aims to offer interdisciplinary traing in economics and political science. We equips students with comprehensive knowledge and helps them acquaint with democratization, globalization and sustainable development.

Career Prospects and Further Education

Further Education Choices

Political Science
Political Economy
Social Sciences 
Foreign Affairs and International Relations
Public Administration
Analysis and Management of Political-Economic Organizations and Systems
Theory of Globalization (including International Trade and Finance, International Organizations, Labor Political Economy, Environmental Political Economy, Theory of Democratization and Social Movements)
Methodology and History of the Theory of Political Economy

Institutions for Further Education

Institute of Political Sciences
Institute of Economics 
Institute of Social Sciences
Institute of Management 
Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies
Institute of Regional Studies
Institute of Education

Career Prospects

Civil service and public sector
Management in multinational corporations
Financial services

Policy analyst in various sectors
Mass communications and journalism
International non-governmental organizations or non-profit organizations 
Assistant to parliament members